Tiered Snowman Christmas Garden Flag 12"x18"

Tiered Snowman Christmas Garden Flag 12"x18"

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Charm the neighbours with this Christmas flag. With snowball stacked upon snowball, this tall snowman smiles as he stretches toward the dark starry sky, snow swirls around him, but his long striped scarf keeps him warm. Delightful and unexpected, this is a flag that catches attention.

This Evergreen silk reflections flag features original design by J. Wrecker Frisch. The painted art is heat-transferred to a blank piece of polyester canvas, with each side a mirror of the other. The flag is hand crafted and made from soft high-quality nylon fabric which is translucent and will illuminate in the sunlight. The flag is extremely durable and has been treated to make it mildew resistant and fade resistant to extend the life and vibrancy of the flag. perfect to withstand our unpredictable weather!

The flag measures 30.5 cm x 48.5 cm approx, (12"x 18").the flagThe flag measures 30.5 cm x 48.5 cm approx, (12"x 18")..

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