Santa Stop Here! Christmas Garden Flag 12"x18"

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At last, the Christmas Flag we have all been waiting for and the flag every house needs. The Santa Stop Here Applique Flag features a cute, white snowman face with a top hat, scarf and mittens. The snowman is holding a stop sign that says "Santa Stop Here". This cute Christmas flag is sculpted in the shape of the snowman's face and stop sign. Put this Cheeky Christmas Flag out on Christmas Eve to ensure that Santa stops at your house! An ideal present for children or grandchildren as can be used every year!

This deluxe, sculptured and appliqued garden flag is bright and colourful, just what you need to brighten up your winter garden. It will provide long-lasting enjoyment as the high quality nylon fabric is water repellent and UV resistant to extend the life and vibrancy of the flag. The flag is double sided so the Santa Stop Here message reads correctly from both sides.

This flag measure 30.5 x 48.5 cm approx. (12"x 18"), and has a sleeve on top that will allow the flag to slide onto a garden flag stand or window hanger, both of which we have for sale.

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